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    A while back we received a copy of a paper & cardboard industry trade journal form Germany that had a feature about Recompute.   We had to have a good friend of ours translate it for us:

    Green Computing: PC Casing made of cardboard

    This machine should compute well: Texan designer Brenden Macaluso has designed a PC casing made of cardboard, which completely satisfies expectations of green computing. While usual designs are made of a variety of materials, such as plastic, aluminum, and steel sheet metal, Macaluso’s casing is made of one single material: cardboard. Based on renewable resources, this design has good environmental qualities, reduces costs, and shortens production time. During the
    assembly of electronic devices, elements such as motherboard, power supply, and hard drive are not held into place by screws, but are just plugged into the casing. For this, you only need to open two folds in
    the back, and suddenly you have access to the intended slots. Besides the cooling system, the circulating air in the cardboard ensures sufficient air ventilation.

    Equipped with the latest technology, Macaluso distributes the cardboard computer under the name “Recompute” in both standard and  deluxe Windows version, as well as in a Linux variation. No matter what the customer chooses – when the machine is finished, disposing of the “green computer” is very simple.  With a few moves you can take out the electronic interior and put the casing out on the curb for recycling.

    We think they nailed the review pretty spot on…

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