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    Off to Belgium… A lecture at the MIAT

    05/21/2011 // Comments Off on Off to Belgium… A lecture at the MIAT

    Last year the folks at the MIAT (Museum for Industrial Archaeology and Textile) in Gent, Belgium asked if we would make donation to their exhibit called World Wide Work.  They have since asked me to come and talk at the museum about the origins of Recompute, which is an honor.  I have never been to Belgium, so I am looking forward to the trip, besides I have been working so much on Recompute this is kind of a nice little vacation, although it is mostly business. The lecture is at the MIAT, Thursday night May 26th.

    Please see this link for more information.  Hope to get the lecture and some photos up at the event soon.

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    Recompute at SXSW Monday March 14!

    03/13/2011 // Comments Off on Recompute at SXSW Monday March 14!

    Headed to Austin for the Houston SXSW three ring circus party. We are going to be doing a Recompute demo and tech talk. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and say hi. Did we mention that it is a free party?

    Facebook page here

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    Business Makers Awards Tonight!

    03/10/2011 // Comments Off on Business Makers Awards Tonight!

    So tonight is the business makers of the year awards… Since we were de-nominated from an award this year we decided to sponsor it instead…  We are giving away a one of a kind Recompute to one lucky winner tonight!  We will let you know more as it happens. Information here:


    We will post some more pictures when we can…

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    Faster, Bigger, Solid, and Cheaper…Special Recompute is $599

    01/04/2011 // Comments Off on Faster, Bigger, Solid, and Cheaper…Special Recompute is $599

    Let’s get the year started off right!

    We have made a special model for 2011.  It is based on our original Recompute, but has a faster AMD Athlon II 4 core processor @ 2.9GHz, 500GB hard drive, Nividia 8200 GForce graphics, 4GB of RAM,  Ubuntu OS (yes is Linux easier than you think),  all for a special price of $599.

    You can order yours today through Amazon.

        • The 7 Coolest (and Strangest) Inventions of 2010 (IMT)

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    Last Minute Holiday Special

    12/22/2010 // Comments Off on Last Minute Holiday Special

    OK everybody doing a 25% off all Recomputes today only….

    You can order here

    Happy Holidays…

    The Recompute Team

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    Green Machines

    11/23/2010 // Comments Off on Green Machines

    So about a month or so ago we sent a Recompute to Ireland to be part of the Science Gallery’s exposition called Green Machines.  It is an exhibit for Green Design from around the globe.  This is the 5th European exhibition that Recompute has been featured in.  They shot a little video about Recompute below.  The exhibit wraps up in about three weeks, so if you are in Dublin hit it up.

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    Second chance to win a Recompute DIY kit!

    11/19/2010 // Comments Off on Second chance to win a Recompute DIY kit!

    Linux Journal is giving away a second Recompute DIY kit today.


    Thanks to all the support from the Linux Community!

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    Want to win a Recompute DIY kit?

    11/04/2010 // Comments Off on Want to win a Recompute DIY kit?

    Visit our friends at Linux Journal for your chance to win a Recompute DIY kit!

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    Recompute published in cardboard design book

    09/27/2010 // Comments Off on Recompute published in cardboard design book

    The folks at Black Dog Publishing in London have just released a new book titled Outside The Box: Cardboard Design Now.  The book is full of other creative efforts in the medium of cardboard.  It was an honor for a picture of Recompute to be included in the book.

    You can order a copy directly from the folks at Black Dog Publishing.

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    Recompute featured in new design book

    08/23/2010 // Comments Off on Recompute featured in new design book

    So about a month or so ago an new deign book came out called Product Design in the Sustainable Era from Taschen publishing.  Click the link and go to page 62…  The book features a lot of other cutting edge designs in the realm of sustainability, however Recompute is one of the few objects that has gone from design concept to full production.

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    New website is up and we are ready to build!

    08/17/2010 // Comments Off on New website is up and we are ready to build!

    Recompute online store is officially open for business! We are ready to build your Recompute!  http://recomputepc.com/

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    New Web site to be up soon!

    08/09/2010 // Comments Off on New Web site to be up soon!

    We are happy to announce that our new website will be up soon with a new web address.   www.RecomputePC.com

    The new site is great and you can actually purchase your own Recompute through the site!  We will let you know when it is up.

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    Onward to Sweden!

    06/22/2010 // Comments Off on Onward to Sweden!

    A Recompute is on its way to the National Museum of Science and Technology (Tekniska Museet) in Stockholm, Sweden as a part of their permanent collection.

    Here is a picture from their collection titled,

    “From Computing Machines to IT”

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    TEDx Houston Saturday June 12!

    06/08/2010 // Comments Off on TEDx Houston Saturday June 12!

    The Recompute team has been given the fantastic opportunity to be a sponsor for the first TEDx Houston.  For those who are unfamiliar with TED, it is a lecture series where the smartest people in their respective fields come an talk about what they are doing.  To learn more about TED visit their website.

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    Do713.com launch…Recomputes @ opening party!

    05/11/2010 // Comments Off on Do713.com launch…Recomputes @ opening party!

    Do713.com is a new events web site launching this weekend at the Caroline Collective Saturday the 15th from 7 to 10 PM.  Come and try out the new site while using some of the latest production Recomputes.  See you there!

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    Recompute + Geek Gathering Friday May 7!

    05/07/2010 // Comments Off on Recompute + Geek Gathering Friday May 7!

    Going to have some production Recomputes out at the Technology Bytes Geek Gathering at the Coffee Groundz Friday nigh May 7 @ 7:30.

    If you haven’t had a chance to come out and play with a Recompute yet here is your chance.

    Recompute w/cusotm graphics by Tom So

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    First Recomputes go on Sale!

    04/15/2010 // Comments Off on First Recomputes go on Sale!

    The very first Recomputes will be available for public sale April 23-25 at the Lawndale Design Fair 2010, in Houston, Texas. Not only is this the opportunity to purchase the very first Recomputes ever, but these machines will be one of a kind made exclusively for this event.   These special edition Recomputes have specialized hardware configurations as well as custom artwork by graphic designer Tom So! Right now we are putting the finishing touches on these machines to get them ready for the fair. Here are some pictures of the main bodies.  See you at the fair!

    Recompute bodies ready to go

    Recompute bodies ready for assembly

    Recompute bodies ready for assembly

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    Recompute part of a meuseum exhibit in Belgium!

    03/01/2010 // Comments Off on Recompute part of a meuseum exhibit in Belgium!

    The Museum of Industrial Archaeology and Textile or MIAT in Belgium  has receved  a   Recompute to be part of their permanent collection.  The new exhibit titled ‘WorldWideWork’ focuses on the evolution of the industrial age and a “glance into the future.”  So if you are out and about in Belgium stop in the MIAT and have a look around.

    Finished Recompute on exhibit in Belgiumrecompute_DSC_0088

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    Specs are now up!

    02/04/2010 // Comments Off on Specs are now up!

    Sorry for the delay on the specs of all the models.  Just wanted to be as accurate as possible…

    Check all the models and specs here.

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    Interveiw on The Business Makers Show

    12/09/2009 // Comments Off on Interveiw on The Business Makers Show

    Just got interviewed by the Business Makers Show!

    Just click the link above to listen to the whole interview.  In other news the engineer and producer of the business show John Whiteside got a chance to use a Recompute for a few days of recording and editing.  His feedback was quite posotive.  There should be a complete reveiw soon

    Finally for those who are still wondering about production, it’s happening, it is just taking longer than anticipated.  Also for those on the waiting list you are the first ones in line…  So don’t fret you will have a Recompute of your own very soon.

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