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    Recompute to be sent to Saint-Etienne, France for exhibit

    09/16/2009 // Comments Off on Recompute to be sent to Saint-Etienne, France for exhibit

    A Recompute will be on display a the l’objet du Design” exhibition in Saint-Etienne, France

    from October 1 2008 to the end of February 2009.   Below is a better description of the exhibit.

    Frederic Lecourt and Antoine Fenoglio, the two designers of the Sismo design agency are in charge of curating the exhibition “l’objet du design”. The aim is to show the various ways to innovation through design. Based on their work method the exhibition we be divided into 4 different complementary areas which illustrate how the designer can deal with he creation of objects, how he can work in collaboration with clients, how to reach the clients and customers expectations and satisfaction. With his exhibition they tend to illustrate and explain what the designer’s work may imply.

    These 4 areas enable visitors to understand how various results can be depending on what option the designer chooses: to materialise habits, to formalize intentions, to contribute to social evolutions, to get hold of techniques. In each area there will be different contemporary objects referring to different contexts and situations (public or private, usual or unusual…) that will illustrate each of these options and the whole process a designer goes through.

    They chose the Recompute computer because they find this project interesting and because they thought it would be interesting to include it to the « get hold of the techniques » area. Indeed in this area of the exhibition will be shown different  objects (such as chairs, packaging, technical objects, moto helmets…) which focus on having the smaller impact on environment as possible, which tend to be as environmentally friendly as possible…” Pauline Dorson

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    UH GBC Reception Thrusday Sept, 5:00 PM

    09/09/2009 // Comments Off on UH GBC Reception Thrusday Sept, 5:00 PM

    Just a reminder about the UHGBC reception on Thursday the 10th from 5:00 to 7:30.  Recompute will be there running!!! Click on the photo for more information.   See you there.

    On display at the University of Houston

    On display at the University of Houston

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    Houston Chronicle feature coming soon!

    08/27/2009 // Comments Off on Houston Chronicle feature coming soon!

    Just got interviewed and photographed by the Houston Chronicle for the Business Section.  Not sure when the feature is coming out but I will keep everyone posted.  Hopfully next week.

    Also Got to meet Jeff Kaplan from New Living, an green building and supply store in Houston, TX.  Thanks to him and Mary Frances Blatchley from For Green for hosting the B2G.   Keep an eye out for some new pictures from the B2G.

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